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Dedicated and
non-profit collectors

Our website collects and presents jewelry from various artisans. The art covers multiple aspects, such as music, sports, culture, and entertainment.

While other jewelry collectors do it for money, we are a non-profit organization that does not get any monetary benefits from our work. Our purpose is simply to give people a platform where they can sell their handcrafted jewelry. We don’t charge any commission, but we do spend a lot of money on advertising.

Bridal jewelry

Wedding jewelry is always special, symbolizing a happy event. Top jewelry stores have paid tribute to this by coming up with their own range of exclusive bridal jewelry, to offer you a great variety of designs to choose from

Diamond jewelry

Diamonds are, and have always been, a classic. The radiant stone has been a favorite among people for centuries and is popular enough to have a special collection in itself

Fashion jewelry

The changing trends in fashion have affected the jewelry industry, giving rise to a whole new range of fashion jewelry.

Let's talk Our History

When a new management team was installed, the vision was changed. Instead of collecting art for sale, we decided to offer and display it for free. It wasn’t long before our readership increased. We also got many members to join our team and create wonderful pieces.

introducing new donated jewelries

We are a non-profit collector of handcrafted jewelry when people give us art, we don’t sell it. Instead, we offer it to deserving people so that they can promote the industry.


Since jewelry is portable, lightweight, and of remarkable diversity, choosing to sell your jewelry online is the best decision you can ever make. Whether you're an expert metalsmith or a vintage Jewelry hunter, the internet is a great platform to successfully market your jewelry.
Jewelry tools are made for all kinds of jewelry projects and materials for successful workmanship. The right tools and cleaners depend on your interest level in jewelry-making. The task at hand also determines the drives your success
Jewelry is not utensils that you clean with any water and detergent. They are made of different minerals, each with different elasticity and heat resistance. These are some of the factors that you need to consider when purchasing jewelry.
You have to consider many factors. Similarly, the kind of jewels is significant for that stunning look. You may have an expensive one but still, look horrible. The secret lies in the outfit colors and the kind of costume you complement the outfit with.