What do You Need When Building a Jewellery Shop?

So, you’re thinking of starting a jewelry business from scratch, and you want to build a shop to house it?
Building a shop and a business from scratch can be an immensely fulfilling experience, but only if you take care to do it right, here’s a handy guide to help you through the process.


Before you start thinking about the intricacies of running a jewelry shop, such as where to get your stock, you need to build your shop, and the most important factor of any build is the safety and security measures to ensure you and your staff do not suffer any unfortunate injuries.

This doesn’t only avoid pain and discomfort, it also keeps you free from legal issues that could arise from one of your workers being injured on the job.

When building a metal building, welding is going to be a large part of the process, and when welding, you need to ensure you have the very best tools for the job, and for your safety.

Lincoln Helmets are the best from all others around when you’re looking for head protection with perfect shade for eyes with shade setting to ensure your safety and comfort at all times.

A wide range of welding helmets are available, so you will find a product to suit any job within the Lincoln collection.


73651755f889b2ef54340e4073989ca4--jewelry-store-design-jewelry-storesNext, you need to find the right site for your build. Obviously, it is important to place your shop somewhere where you will receive walk past traffic, i.e. those who are in the area anyway and are tempted in by your displays.
The most sensible places are shopping districts or retail parks, where you know shoppers will be anyway.
Also, be sure that you have access to water and septic lines, but you also build more than 100 feet from either, as is expected within the rules of best practice.

You also want to be sure that emergency services such as ambulances and fire engines can gain easy access to your building via large roads or streets and a decent sized driveway.


The urge is to build the biggest shop possible, but make sure you can afford what you build and that it is big enough to house the stock you need to display, without being so large that it looks empty when it’s full.


After you’ve dealt with all the details of the shop you are building, and you have carried out the necessary work with the help and security of your Lincoln welding helmet, you’re ready to start buying your stock.
Make sure you fill your shop with a combination of popular products that sell well and rare and exciting jewelry that customers may not be able to find elsewhere.
Obviously, as a jewelry store, you need to make sure you have a wide array of engagement and wedding rings, is this will be one of the most popular purchases and will help your profit margin no end due to the high price of the average engagement and wedding ring.
And then you’re ready, and you can start selling your excellent products from your new shop, which has been built safely and sensibly, with the help of Lincoln Helmets.


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