The Rules of Wearing Jewelry When You Are Working in a Coffee Shops


When you’re working in an establishment such as a coffee shop, there are bound to have rules, how you act, how you dress yourself, how you use the facilities like De’Longhi espresso machines, and even the amount and kinds of jewelry to wear. Some women wear jewelry to work to impress people with their fashion sense. However, working in a coffee shop is a different thing. Most of the time you’ll have to keep it subtle. Although there are various rules in different coffee shops, here are some of the most common ones that you should keep in mind. If you are interested in finding the best coffee machine here is a great source: at

Make Sure to Know the Rules of The Coffee Shop You’ll Be Working In

Obviously, there are some rules about wearing jewelry in work that are unique to some coffee shops. Some coffee shops don’t even allow any piece of jewelry. There are some where they don’t want you to wear jewelries with religious or political symbols. Therefore, if they didn’t mention rules about wearing jewelries, you should ask them politely. Even though there aren’t any written rules, common sense will tell you that wearing a daring piece of jewelry in a conservative coffee shop is definitely a big no.

Avoid Going Overkill When Deciding to Wear a Jewelry during Work

Remember, you’re working in a coffee shop, and not a fashion magazine. Whether you’re an employee of Starbucks, or any other famous coffee shops, this is not a reason to go overboard. You’re there to work as a barista, waitress, or a cashier, and not a model for jewelries. If you really don’t know if you’ve gone overboard, remove one before going home. There are other coffee shops where one piece of jewelry is already acceptable, and at the same more than that is already going overboard.

Go for a Single Piece of Jewelry

If you’re only allowed just one piece of jewelry, ensure that make it count. You can have a simple thin necklace with a little pendant, or a simple silver ring. If you’re going to choose a pair of earrings, choose something conservative and minimalistic. A little dot earring is already enough. Make sure that piece of jewelry will go with your work clothes.

Be Smart about What Jewelry to Choose While Working

Sadly, a lot of coffee shops have strict rules about the amount of jewelry you can wear, whether you’re a waitress/waiter, bartender or a cashier. These rules aren’t just made to affect the look of the coffee shop’s crew. For example, while washing your hands, you’ll probably have to take off your ring all the time. You also don’t want to take the chance of accidentally ripping off your necklace while working with 1 touch makers. Therefore, protect your jewelry and just leave it at home or take it off before your shift.

Don’t forget to keep it Subtle

If you’re deciding to wear more than a piece of jewelry, you should not choose big and bold ones for work. Like we’ve said earlier, you don’t want to distract your customers with your out-of-the-world body decorations, unless you’re working in a themed coffee shop.


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