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Our website is all about handcrafted jewelry. Do you know that creativity is the most significant human attribute? It is what separates us from animals and plants. Handmade jewelry captures the most excellent senses of a human being. It requires an outstanding level of patience, imagination, and precision. This is what our website was formed to promote.

We are a group of art collectors and lovers of culture. For the last 15 years, we have been obsessed with the idea of introducing new handcrafted jewelry cheaply and effectively. We discovered that if we did this while charging commissions, we would kill the industry. That is why we are a non-profit collector of handcrafted jewelry. When people give us art, we don’t sell it. Instead, we offer it to deserving people so that they can promote the industry.

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While other jewelry collectors do it for money, we are a non-profit organization that does not get any monetary benefits from our work. Our purpose is simply to give people a platform where they can sell their handcrafted jewelry. We don’t charge any commission, but we do spend a lot of money on advertising.

Whether you are looking for handcrafted jewelry for men or women, we are here to help. We also encourage our crafters to create art from diverse eras and regions. You can use the art for interior decoration or as part of your clothing.

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