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5 Creative Ideas to Store and Care for Your Jewelry

Jewelry is not utensils that you clean with any water and detergent. They are made of different minerals, each with different elasticity and heat resistance. These are some of the factors that you need to consider when purchasing a jewel. Some of the main parameters that you need to look into in storage and care of these beautiful accessories include:

  • Heat
  • Detergent
  • Chemicals
  • Radiation
  • Perfumes

A storage room is yet another crucial component in the care for necklaces, bracelets, and nose rings. Some react to extreme heat and extreme temperatures that you have to find the best way to store them based on the precautions.

 Jewelry serves different purposes. Most times, they are meant for an outward look; wearing them while at home reduces their self-life by exposing them to predisposing factors.

 A griller is a must-have appliance for it uses modern cooking technologies. When grilling your meat, as you bend to turn it, your necklace comes in contact with the radiation. Prolonged exposure leads to wearing off of the outer layer- that’s the end of the beauty of your jewelry or bracelet.

Here are a few ideas to prevent such scenarios

1. Wash with baking soda, detergent, and salt

Jewelry is like money; it looks clean from out, but from a microscope, it carries lots of germs. Make it a weekly routine to clean all your used jewelry with this combination.

The baking soda maintains the color while the salt ensures the color sticks. The detergent is to remove all the dirt that might accumulate while on your body.

2. Store in a bowl

wide bowl is better than placing the accessories in a chest drawer. They come in contact with the wood in the process of getting one removing the outer lining. You can’t also have all of them in one bowl that is a clutter and cumbersome to look for.

You can have three bowls placed strategically in your bedroom. Let each dish have specific jewelry. Let’s say a bracelet bowl, earrings bowl – tack them together and a necklace bowl. It gives you an easy time when you are preparing for work in the morning- rush hours.

Make it a habit; once you remove them, place them in the correct bowl to avoid misplacing them. Besides, they should be wide enough for easy access.

3. Get a DIY organizer

A jewelry organizer comes in handy when you have too many of them. Are you the type that matches your clothes with jewelry? If yes, then this is must-have equipment at home. It is designed such that you can match the earring with the bracelet and the necklace. It helps you to dress at once.

You can easily match without the hassle of trying them out when ready to go out. You only achieve this when you are also disciplined when it comes to storage after use.

The organizer also has a compartment when you can place the dirty ones ready for the weekly wash.

4. Hang them somewhere in the closet

A jewel lover should have their storage option in mind when making the closet. You need to have a specific compartment where you hang the jewelry for easy and fast access.

 It helps you to choose what you need without necessarily getting them out of the storage space. It’s called a jewelry hanger. You can choose how you need to hang them, based on color or your favorite or the occasion.

The advantage of attaching them is that it helps in the drying process. At the same time, there is minimal interference with other beauty accessories.

5. Avoid direct sunlight while airing them

Heat and jewelry are parallel entities. Never leave them under direct sunlight. When you want to air them, let it be under a shade. Just as mentioned earlier. It explains why a jewelry hanger is vital for any beautician.

The sun not only peels the outer layer- the aesthetic value of a necklace- but also expand it. You notice after some time, the chain is too big or the bracelet juts wear off once it gets on your hand.

You wonder whether you have grown fat overnight. It is just the scientific principle of expansion of mineral when exposed to heat-temperature. The choice of storage and care depends on the quantity and quality of beauty accessories.

 It also explains its size. Whatever selection of the room of choice, have a long term plan for it; make something once and for all. It is also essential to consider the storage spaces.

In case you have minimal spaces, then consider storage ideas on the upper side of the walls; as you incorporate the mirror to bring a widening illusion. The big areas help to avoid clutter and make good use of the corners.