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6 Tips on How to Look Stunning with Affordable Jewellery

The daily challenge women have to go through is to choose the best necklace, bracelet, and earrings that match the outfit. Just like makeup, you don’t just decorate yourself simply because it is available.

You have to consider many factors. Similarly, the kind of jewels is significant for that stunning look. You may have an expensive one but still, look horrible. The secret lies in the outfit colors and the kind of costume you complement the outfit with.

To avoid such disappointments, consider the following factors when buying jewelry. It comes in handy to avoid clutter in the form of costume.

  • The quality vs. the cost of it
  • Use reviews to make a sound decision
  • Purchase from a renowned jewelry shop
  • Seek expert advice based on choice
  • Consider your preference, color, and taste

Jewelry etiquette enhances your overall look. Not that you aren’t beautiful!

Let’s go straight to the point- the tips on how to look stunning with affordable jewelry.

1. Keep it simple

The kind of necklace you wear as a teen is different from what you wear when in the menopause stage. The bracelets, necklaces, and earrings are there to boost your confidence as well as make you look stylish.

Don’t overdo it; just put on simple jewelry, and you still get that standing ovation. Take a look, when addressing a congregation and you have earrings hanging all over. This is the message you portray. “Have a look at my big earrings.”

You shift peoples’ focus to the earrings rather than the message. At the end of the event, when people group to recap on the day’s event, you will be described as the facilitator with big earrings and not the one who said this (your message). Is that what you need?

2. Let the occasion be your guide on what jewels to have for that day

The office setup needs a particular kind of jewelry based on what you do. In the service industry, you need conservative kind of necklaces with minimal width.

In the creative industry, the big bracelets and shining colors come in handy while in a quiet environment, and you need not make noise with your bracelets – are you a bell ringer?

In formal setups, the rules are a bit different; you can have shiny jewelry but not oversize. At parties, you are now at liberty to put on what you have left at home. The focus is not so much on you.

3. Accessorize your outfit

You have dressed for the upcoming interview. You are confident and stylish. Your dressing counts on your personality. It’s time to wear the accessories to contemporize your outlook. Check on the color theme of the outfit.

 If you can match them, well and good if not balance the colors. If your outfit is a dark color, then a light accessory comes in handy. Take note, whoever looks at you should have an overall overview of the outfit wearer rather than what you wear.

4. Use them to enhance your personality

It’s an unwritten rule that your first impression counts. An earring poorly blended with an outfit throws you off balance as much as you have a strong personality. In makeup, there is no trial-and-error.

It’s either you nail it, or just leave it- unless you are a comedian. Similarly, if you are a gun holder and you make a mistake such that for your shooting gear, you cork it at the wrong target?

 You don’t want to imagine the repercussions. Simple and well-blended jewelry speaks volumes about who you are. Even if there are some mistakes along the way, people tend to overlook it.

5. Break the old rules to your advantage

Is there a book that gives rules on how to wear your jewelry? I’m yet to see one. The fact that it is a norm doesn’t warrant it to be a rule. Traditionally, women wear their wedding rings on their left hand; there is no harm in wearing it on the opposite hand.

The rule of wearing them is that you have to enhance your personality and style. Whatever way you want to do it, is all up to you. Just make sure that you meet your fashion goals. Have you seen celebrities having their own sense of fashion to a point people start emulating it?

Define yourself with the accessories. Have a sense of fashion such that your jeweler will get nice stuff; they keep it aside for you since they know you always crack it with your outfits.

6. Not too much or too little

Too much accessory makes you cheap while too little also gives you a conservative look- which is not bad anyway. The necklace, the bracelet, the wristwatch, the belt, and the nose ring should speak the same fashion design. They can be of different colors, but the overall look must be something admirable.

Women are fond of fashion, but that doesn’t leave the men out of the question. Accessories for men have one simple rule- the belt, the hood, and the shoe should enhance your personality. Men who want to include jewels in their outfits need to exercise care to prevent giving a different impression. In the homosexual industry, they have several meanings.